“I guarantee this will be the greatest gift you’ll ever give or receive!”

A family legacy video captures those treasured life stories you grew up with.

What is a Family Legacy Video

A family legacy video captures those treasured life stories you grew up with and guarantees they will be available for future generations to cherish.

We arrange a time that’s convenient and with a camera, tripod and microphone record those favorite stories you heard from your Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents or others and want to preserve and share with future generations.

While we will have a list of prepared questions in advance, we love it when family members are present for the filming.  Just by being in the room, the energy is positive, making the stories come alive.  The laughter and the comradery are captured making the video so much more precious.

Additionally, if your loved one prefers to share a treasured family recipe or perform a special talent or hobby (knit, fish, woodwork, metal work, sculpt, paint, perform music) etc.  We can do that too!

Of all the projects I’ve produced this is the one I am most proud of.  This is personal for me because I produced a Family Legacy Video with my Mom!  My two sisters were with me during the filming and the joy in the room is palpable.

Now that my Mom is no longer with us, we are blessed to have her life stories shared in her own unique way, for future generations to watch, and enjoy.

The cost for a Living Family Legacy Video starts at $500.

The cost for a Memorial Family legacy Video (complete with several dozen photos & a few songs of your choice) starts at $300

Call me: David J Jacobson today @ 970.209.7242 and let’s talk about it.

Sample Videos

Mike Gwinn Memorial Video
Celia Roberts Memorial Video


Call me: David J. Jacobson today @
970.209.7242  and let’s talk about it.